Working in the medicine and health department as private sector representatives, we have to be extremely careful taking each and every step: providing services and preparing documents along with a legal basis. Please find our partners in a process of making legal decisions and finding legal answers.

We have found "WINT". As they introduce themselves, "There are lawers and there is WINT. Team of professionals, emphasizing different attitude towards clients and new challenges waiting ahead. Trustworthy and constant work of personnel, letting their clients to go forward making wind fair instead of the contrary. The client is met by daring personalities taking care of each situation by approaching it as unique and challenging".

We are also thankful to "Nikitinas Legal" team. There is never enough of qualified and competent knowledge. As the company introduces themselves, "NIKITINAS LEGAL – it is V.Nikitin lawers team, uniting the best experts of different main legal fields. These experts - well known and acknowledged lawers, internal companies' jurists, and business consultants."

Sorainen - fully integrated regional form of lawers, providing business legal services in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus. The company unites 33 partners and more than 200 specialists of laws' and taxes' experts.

"Walless" - modern law firm having an attidute of "no boundaries". Team of professional lawers, practicing law in 29 different law fields.