In the spring of 1996 year, an initiative group has gathered consisting of the CEOs and managers of private healthcare organizations acting at that time. During the summer, a constituent assembly has happened and the first steps of the Association were made. The following companies took the place in the first assembly:

  • Irish Republic RAB branch "SK Impeks Ltd”;
  • Baltic-American clinic of therapy and surgery;
  • "Bendroji medicinos praktika”, Ltd.;
  • "Rožių alėja”, Ltd.;
  • "Dantis”, SC;
  • "Motina ir vaikas”, Ltd.;
  • SC hospital "Sana Vita”;
  • "Šeimos sveikata”, Ltd.;
  • "Stoma”, SC;
  • J. Neverauskas Personal Company "Nervų sistemos tyrimų centras”;
  • Private clinics of cardiology "Širdies namai”;
  • Lithuanian-German JSC "Kauno medicinos centras”;
  • Private gynaecology consulting room of K. Gutauskas;
  • United Lithuanian - USA company "Denticija”;
  • Beauty therapy and cosmetology centre;
  • Private cardiology clinic "Cor sanum”;

On 06-06-1996, Association was officially registered in the juridical person registry. A.Guobys has become the first president of the Association. He was one of the CEOs, managing "Baltic-American therapy and surgery clinic". When he left to New York, in 2000, the wheel of the Association's management was taken by V.Grebinskis ("Medisana", Ltd. director). In 2006 April, L.Paškevičius took the chair of the president. he was the CEO of "SK Impeks Medicinos diagnostikos centras”, ltd. at the time. Laimutis is still managing the Association.

Since the first days of the Association's existence, members have become strongly active in all the processes of healthcare reformation, focusing on the private medical sector and its problems. Association's representatives have been working (and still are) in quite a lot of different committees and workshops of various governmental institutions. It is really worth mentioning, that because of the Association's performed tasks, around 60 percent of pricing limits were canceled and annulled. Also, VAT privilege was reached, considering all medical services, ignoring the fact of what kind of form institution/organization is providing them. Also, it is really important to mention an agreement tas was reached with healthcare system creators, considering the services and National Healthcare Insurance Fund. Association took a part in a big number of different projects organization and preparation, making sure, that private medicine is taken care of. Up until this moment, Association and it's members are strongly active in legislation processes as well as projects confirmation and healthcare system development, making sure, that the interests of private medical sector are considered and valued.