Goald and Tasks

1. To reach for the wellbeing of patients' health and life quality:
1.1. To assure, that Lithuanian habitants would have a right and will for on-time provided and qualitative healthcare and possibility to choose the healthcare provider, ignoring the form of ownership;
1.2. To create additional value for patients, motivating them to choose private sector healthcare providers;
1.3. To encourage private healthcare organizations to cooperate, providing qualitative, overall considering, constant healthcare to all patients.

2. To create a beneficial environment (politically, economically, legally, competitively, etc.) and opportunities for private healthcare organizations to establish and operate:

2.1. to reach, that all healthcare organizations would have equal rights and conditions (not discriminatory) to operate; seeking, that all discriminatory factors would be eliminated, ignoring the ownership form; maintaining equal competition in the healthcare sector;
2.2. to assure, that the medical insurance principle "money follows the patient" would be implemented, eliminating "the financing after fact" factor;
2.3. to reach the confirmation of that economically reasoned healthcare services' prices, corresponding to real expenses;
2.4. to assure real conditions for the operation of additional (freewill) health insurance in Lithuania.

3. Strengthening Association, growing its influence and role in healthcare formation and implementation politics, decisions making processes, considering private medicine sector; creating the decent image of Association in among society and international environment:

3.1. to be active in all territories of Lithuania, bringing together private healthcare organizations that are operating in Lithuania;
3.2. strengthening internecine understanding, cooperation, and partnership between private healthcare organizations and governmental organizations;
3.3. actively participate in legislation and legal documents preparation, that is connected to the private healthcare sector's organizations and their operation;
3.4. to become a part and stay active in healthcare politics formations and implementation structure elements: in Mandatory Healthcare Insurance Council, National Health Council, In the board of Health Ministry, committees, workshops, gaining an ability to influence the decision making;
3.5. consulting governmental control and local organizations, nongovernmental institutions in all topics, connected to Association's activities and private healthcare sector;
3.6. expanding international cooperation; to become a member of similar type international and foreign organizations, representing Lithuanian private healthcare sector.

4. Increasing the transparency and publicity of the healthcare sector; seeking, that medicine demagogy, business culture, and ethical principles, decreasing corruption and informal payments in this sector:

4.1. to reach that payments for healthcare services should be legalized;
4.2. to reach that governmentally controlled healthcare organization could not provide pseudo-private practice, using government's and municipalities properties (buildings, medical equipment, etc.), providing paid services;
4.3. to prepare and confirm the Code of Private Medicine Ethics and Honour;
4.4. to reach, that the operation of complementary medicina would be defined and regulated, having an official Assocation's position on the topic.

5. Representing Association's and its members' interests in Lithuania and internationally:

5.1. to bring together private healthcare organizations for active, purposeful, and resultative activities, implementing Association's goals and tasks;
5.2. to represent Association's and its members' concerns in governmental institutions or organizations properly and expertly;
5.3. to assist in solving the problems and issues of Association's members, providing methodical material and consultations.

6. To reach for members' constant perfection and higher professionalism:

6.1. to encourage Association's members constant to seek of perfection professionally and personally, providing ethical and qualitative services;
6.2. to encourage Association's members' cooperation and communication, organizing various events (leisure, festive, learning, etc.);
6.3. to organize and prepare special events (conferences, lectures, seminars, etc.) for specialists and administrators, other personnel of healthcare organizations;

6.4. to reach, that the Association would be the place, where all the discussions would happen, exchanging the ideas, experiences, information, and topical questions of the members.