About us

This Association – non-profit-making voluntary union of Lithuanian private capital health care organizations. The main goal of the institution - the coordination of Association members' activities, representing their interests, protecting them as well as members' rights, assisting the parties while seeking their goals and targets.

The institution was established on the 6 of June 1996. Even though the number of members keeps changing, the Association unites the main private health care organizations of the country at all times, representing the interests of all levels (1-st level; 2-nd level; 3-rd level), all range - individual medical care (medicine, nursing, odontology) or public health care; as well as any private capital organizational forms (Ltd., joint-stock, individual institutions, public non-profit institutions and etc.) private companies.

Our mission - to unite the private health care organizations, representing and protecting their interests, advocating the ideas of the private medical sector. Along with this main idea, the association pays big attention to other goals of the Association.

Our vision - to keep the position of the most influential, nongovernmental association uniting Lithuanian private health care organizations:

- gather private medical care organizations within the most active, single-minded cooperation; representing their interests, at the same time, positively influencing the private medical sector in Lithuania.
- to assure the highest quality of the services, provided by an Association's members. Mainly, making sure, that needs of clients and patients would be satisfied.

Our main goals are reached acting according to special principles and respecting the values:

1. Seeking the wellbeing of patients health and life quality in general;
2. Creating a positive environment (political, juridical, economical, competitional and insurance-matter wise, etc.) and opportunities for members of the private healthcare sector, allowing them to establish and act;
3. Firming Association, increasing it's influence in the formation and implementation of the healthcare politics, making decisions, that are connected to the private medical sector. Creating a great image of the Association among other members of the society and on the international level;
4. Increasing the transparency and publicity of the healthcare sector, seeking, that medical ideology would be prioritized, respecting the business ethical norms and pricipals, decreasing the level of corruption in this sector;
5. Representing Association's (and it's members) concerns in Lithuania and abroad.
6. Reaching for the highest level of professionalism, increasing and encouraging their desire to improve.